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February 24, 2011

The Beatitudes taught by Jesus are so radically counter to our cultural thinking.  Christians are not immune to the value system of our surrounding culture, meaning the church has a tendency to integrate these values in subtle ways and then baptize them in the name of Jesus.  This is a new list of beatitudes that I am calling the “be-faditudes,” because they are based upon cultural fads that oppose the counter-wisdom of Jesus in the teachings of the real Beatitudes.

Blessed are the moral who have a spiritual reputation (instead of poor in spirit), because they will never have to deal with their own wickedness, be involved with confession, and they have a closet full of “church” clothes.

Blessed are the smiling victorious (instead of mourn), because they have gotten what they want from God and don’t have to worry about a broken world.

Blessed are the loud (instead of meek), for they will feel better about themselves after they spew their “righteous anger” on others and demand entitlement to their own “rights.”

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for Christian celebrity (instead of righteousness), because they will be rich and famous in the name of Jesus and not really ever have to dive in the muck that comes with walking with broken people.

Blessed are those who beat to smithereens the enemies of the faith (instead of merciful), because they will give them what they deserve and miss the gracious heart of God.

Blessed are the busy (instead of pure), for their compulsive people-pleasing will get them a certificate and a cookie if they are really lucky.

Blessed are the ones who live in a Christian bubble (instead of peacemakers), because they will keep themselves from ever having to deal with a broken society in need of shalom.

Blessed are those with freedom and abundance (instead of persecuted), for they will be able to keep up the charade that they can follow Jesus without it costing them anything.

For the real Beatitudes, reflect upon Matthew 5:1-12.


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