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March 8, 2011

We begin a new worship series this Sunday entitled “Icon.”  This series is one of the most important of the year for our church in that it is foundational in our attempt to announce the supremacy of Jesus Christ.  Here’s a taste:

Few things are more popular in the spirituality of America than neutrality about Jesus.  People seem to be ‘ok’ with Jesus, seeing Him as a good teacher or social activist but not the image of God (as Col. 1:15 says).  I simply don’t respect this position of insipid neutrality.  It’s too inconsistent At least atheists are more consistent and honest about their rejection of Jesus.  If Jesus was simply a man, then He was a demented fool who died way too early.  This neutrality with Jesus is like breaking up with your girlfriend and telling her you just want to be friends – no one is buying it and everyone knows you’re just trying to save face.  Jesus is a line of demarcation meaning it is time you either fall on your face before Him as the supreme figure of the universe and your life, or admit that you have rejected Him.  Little room exists for anything inbetween.”


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