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Chronos to Christos

March 10, 2011

For some strange reason God has led me to the book of Revelation to feed from it for spiritul devotion.  I don’t typically think of Revelation as a book for meditation and nourishment of the soul.  I think most of us have come to see it only as a cryptic unfolding of the final events of history.  This is the chronos (Greek word for time) or chronological perspective of the book.  I don’t deny this role of Revelation.  However, it is easy to get caught up in the chronos part of the book that we miss the Christos (Greek word for Christ) facet of the book.  I am (re)finding that this book offers the most glorious and captivating prose of the supremacy and greatness of Jesus Christ in the Bible.  I have found myself enraptured  into the portals of heaven and before the throne of the Lamb as I read it. 

Let me share with you what I mean.  Read the first 8 verses (slowly) and focus on the glory these words bring to Jesus.  Here are some highlights without commentary (let the Spirit speak to you).

(1)  The subject and title of the book is given in the first phrase:  “The Revelation of JESUS CHRIST.”

(2)  Jesus is supreme over God’s powerful communication that bring us truth, wisdom, and knowledge (Jesus is the content of all three):  sent through a messenger (“angel”; 1:1), the book is a witness of the word of God and testimony of Jesus (1:2), this communication comes with blessing for those who read, hear, and do it (1:3), and Jesus is called a faithful Witness (1:5).

(3)  Jesus is supreme over all existence and time:  Jesus was (past), is (present), and is to come (future) (1:4, 8).

(4)  Jesus is the champion over the grave as the “firstborn of the dead” (1:5).

(5) Ruler of nations and kings (1:5) and deserving of the glory of many peoples and languages worshipping Him.

(6)  The provider and transformer of our lives (1:5):  touches us with His love, washes us from our sins, and empowered us to be kings and priests.

(7)  He is the rightful recipient of ALL glory for ALL time (1:6).

(8)  He is returning so that every “people group” on Earth know His supremacy (1:7).

(9)  He is the bookends of history and salvation as the “alpha and omega” (1:8)

To Him be glory, forever and ever!


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