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Review: “King’s Cross” by Timothy Keller

March 30, 2011

Timothy Keller has clearly become one of the most powerful voices for a rich, balanced, and bold evangelicalism.  I’m a Keller junkie.  I will be honest and tell you that I made a special trip to the bookstore the day his newest book entitled, King’s Cross, came out.  I anticipate his new books like Harry Potter fans line up for sequels and like soccer moms flock to minivans.  If all you know of Keller is his best-selling book, The Reason for God, then you have only begun to discover his ministry.

Timothy Keller is the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, NY.  Not only has his church thrived in a virtual graveyard of Christianity, but he has become a voice to right the ship of evangelical Christianity in America.  Ministering in New York, God has shaped him to understand the hearts, minds, and lives of people in a place that is the epicenter of American culture.  He knows how to speak to the lost and unchurched and does so with amazing depth and gospel-centeredness.  His book, Ministry of Mercy, is the most comprehensive call and guide to the church’s work to be merciful in practical and concrete terms to a lost world.  If you minister to people by meeting physical needs, you must read Ministry of Mercy to help you understand a theology of mercy and to guide you in the how, when, and why of generosity.  Time and time again Keller is able to articulate an activist form of evangelical Christianity that remains close to the heart of Jesus and the message of the gospel.  The book Prodigal God is a masterpiece that articulates the gospel of Jesus in ways that purify us from our legalism and religious pride.  We learn in it the subtle ways that works, morality, and religion have replaced the good news of salvation for desperate and helpless people.  All of his books have blessed my life.  On top of this, he has found time to develop one of the most extensive church planting networks in the country. 

The book, King’s Cross, does not disappoint.  This book journeys with Jesus and mines His life and teaching to discover meaning within both, following Mark’s gospel account.  With great insight and powerful anecdotes, the message and purpose of the life of our savior is magnified.  In this book, you will see that God has given Timothy Keller the ability to open up the treasure chest of the Word of God and find its reward for all of us.  His teaching is as fresh as bread out of the oven, but amazingly ancient as artifacts at an archeological dig.  For those of you, like me, that long to gaze upon our Christ named Jesus, you will find few better helps in these efforts than King’s Cross by Timothy Keller.


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