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You Can’t Trust Grandma

May 12, 2011

I read a news story about a group of “gangsta” grannies that are pickpocketing and stealing in the Detroit, Michigan area.  They are mainly taking purses at stores while customers leave their carts unattended.  They are believed to have stolen more than half a million dollars worth of items, including things they bought with stolen credit cards.  It’s a sad day when you can’t trust Granny!

These ladies are getting away with their crimes because no one expects someone that age to steal .  Why would we think that people act better just because they get older?  Apparently, customers never expect these grannies to use their “five-finger-discount.”  It is the fact that they aren’t expected that gives them so much power.

I tell you this simply to encourage you today to be vigilant.  Weariness and bitterness, along with other snares, can take root in your life so very quickly.  They will only be empowered if we begin to think that we are too mature to be hampered by such things.  Even Christ was tempted right after His spine-tingling baptismal event.  It is when we have lost a healthy skepticism of ourselves that we are most vulnerable. 

Christ came not only to save you from your sin, but to reveal to you that you are a slave to sin apart from His deliverance.  Christ confronts us with the truth about ourselves.  The truth of what we are capable of apart from Christ is bone chilling.  My hope is that these words might make you take personal inventory, check out your cardiac condition, and renew your gaze upon the wonders and beauty of Christ.


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