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The Lamb

October 6, 2011

 You hand over your tickets to the show.  You search for your seat, settle in and wait for it to begin.  People are chattering all around you.  Finally, the lights dim.  Everyone stops talking and becomes still.  A spotlight bursts on the stage.  The curtain is ready to open.  It splits apart and rumbles to its place, leaving the stage open for your eyes to gaze upon.  This is the moment you have waited for.  Finally, what was hidden is now revealed. 

The word “revelation” means unveiling.  It has the meaning of zipping back the curtains to see what is behind it.  When the curtain rips open we find ourselves looking at… a lamb?  This lamb is Jesus.  Now that He is unveiled, we get a picture of His beauty, glory, fame, and deserving celebration.  What a scene it is!  It’s more than our eyes can take in and our senses can contain.  Worthy is the Lamb!  Worthy is the Lamb!  Worthy is the Lamb! 

 Several months ago, I sensed the Lord telling me to spend my devotional time in the book of Revelation.  I thought this must have been a mistake.  “The book of Revelation is for dissection, not devotion,” I thought to myself.  I resisted and told the Lord that I didn’t think any book that had beasts, dragons, false prophets, and ghostly martyrs spooking altars could be useful for spiritual nourishment.  Why not send me to the Psalms, the Gospels, or even Paul’s writings?  God answered, “I know what it is useful for; I wrote it.”  So I read the book of Revelation not looking for the meaning of symbols or trying to form a chronology of events, but simply looking for the glory of Jesus.  I found that this book more vividly portrays the supremacy of Jesus than any other book in the Bible.  In fact, it starts by naming the book, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.”  Jesus is the protagonist and the center of the book. 

This series seeks to see the unveiling of Jesus in all of His splendor in the book of Revelation, so that we are changed and more fully living saturated by His glory.  The worship series, entitled The Lamb, started last Sunday at Heartland Worship Center and continues for several weeks to come.  All HWC services can be seen at:


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