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“Undercover Boss” – New Series at HWC

November 30, 2011

My name is Nathan Joyce.  I am the Senior Pastor at Heartland Worship Center.  And I am going undercover.  Much like the hit TV show “Undercover Boss,” I am going to disguise myself and covertly inspect different areas of our church.  You better keep your eyes wide open, because I could be spying on you.  I want to see how things really work, and I want to see what people really say about me when I’m not around – gulp! 

“Undercover Boss” is the title of our new worship series at Heartland Worship Center, beginning this Sunday, December 4th, and continuing through January 1st.  Each week, you will see my exploits of espionage in a different area of the church.  I am doing it all in the name of promoting this series, one that highlights the fact that, at Christmas, the boss of the universe arrived as one of us, disguised in flesh and blood.  Not only did He successfully infiltrate our world, but in the meantime, He showed us how things were meant to be.  The church can look at no better place to gain its identity than the character of Christ – the universe’s “undercover boss.”


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