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28 Days Challenge

May 19, 2012

On May 20th at Heartland Worship Center we begin a new worship series called “28 Days.”  The focus of the series is Sabbath, rest, renewal, and spiritual nourishment.  We are challenging all Heartland missionaries to commit some time for 28 days in solitude and spiritual feeding.  We have put a high premium on mission at HWC, but realize the need for Sabbath to fuel that mission.  We are very good as a church about doing things for Jesus, but desire to be better at being with Jesus.  Mission and Sabbath are not opposed to one another.  One cannot exist without the other.

Here’s our plan:  We  will read one chapter of Matthew a day (28 total chapters) for 28 days.  Also, I have written 28 brief devotionals to accompany each chapter.  You can find the devotionals on our website at  You should be able to download all of them on PDF or read them on the page with each passing day.  Also, we will have hard copies of the devotionals and journals for those who don’t have regular access to the internet (which is most likely not you since you are reading this).

Finally, I want to invite all blog subscribers, twitter followers, and Facebook friends to join us in the 28 day challenge.  Also, we would love to hear all of your stories of how God works in your life during these 28 days.  Feel free to post comments on my crossculture blog or FB page.

Rest.  Reboot.  Renew.

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  1. Susan Arnold permalink
    May 20, 2012 5:31 pm

    All things are new again. Novel idea on an old concept. Christ really does not need us, we need Him!!

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