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Finally, Some Good News: Saving a Child’s Life Can Change the World

May 25, 2012

We got a new picture of Gina this week.  Actually, her name is Gina Pacha Shiguango Aguinda.  She is 9-years-old from Ecuador and one of several children our family sponsors through Compassion International.  For just around $40/month her life has been saved from the grips of poverty and perhaps even early mortality.

Heartland Worship Center has partnered with Compassion International for the past 4 years and currently sponsors approximately 400 children around the world.  That might sound like a lot of children, but when you hear reports of up to 30,000 children dying every day from malnutrition and preventable diseases it sounds only like a drop in a bucket.

Does it really do any good?

Can it really make a difference?

Must we only be motivated by the classic “starfish” story and be charitable with the hopes that it “mattered to that one” or is there hope for large-scale change?

Good news!  Saving the lives of children one at a time actually works.  Recent reports show that the mortality rate amongst children in Africa has dropped dramatically (  Gabriel Demombynes of the World Bank’s Nairobi office calls it “a tremendous success story that has hardly been recognized.”  The millennial development goal in 1990 was to cut the mortality rate of children in Africa by two-thirds.  All but three countries are well ahead of that goal.  It’s working!  We are saving children’s lives!

Getting Gina’s picture and letters is always a thrill for our family.  This picture was extra special.  She was wearing a shirt that we gave her.  On a recent mission trip to Ecuador my wife, my oldest daughter, and myself all met Gina face to face.  This stuff is real.  The poverty is real.  The disease and death are real.  The children are real.  The devastation is real.  But, now we know that hope is real and not just for Gina and the other children we sponsor.  It is real for millions of children whose lives are being forever altered by someone who cares enough to do something about it.  It’s real and it is making a difference.

Consider sponsoring a child at or go to our church website @ and click on the Compassion International page.  Or, consider sponsoring through :  one of our HWC missionaries works with Vision Trust in Tanzania.  If you are a part of HWC, consider going on a short-term mission trip.  We are sending approximatley a dozen teams domestically and around the world.  One way or another, be a part of the solution.

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  1. Donna permalink
    May 25, 2012 9:08 am

    Many people hide from those who are hurting and in need. This keeps them from feeling the pain others are experiencing. They are overwhelmed with the impossibility of making a difference. Jesus himself knew the hopelessness of helping everyone. However, He did not allow the vastness of human agony to cripple His mission. He cared for individuals. He made a difference. He gave His life! Giving is the only way to truly live.

  2. skmoats08 permalink
    May 31, 2012 12:55 pm

    Thank you for sharing your sponsorship story! It’s inspiring to see a church so fully dedicated to fighting poverty and sharing the gospel.

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