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35 Days Could Change the World

November 27, 2012

HWC has taken on the task of collectively being missionaries to a people group in Thailand.  The Nyaw people of Thailand and Laos number around 100,000.  They are unreached and unengaged.  No one is actively seeking to establish a gospel presence among them that we know of.  There simply aren’t enough missionaries to reach every subculture in the world.  Some, including IMB president, Tom Elliff, have made a plea for churches to provide the necessary effort to reach these groups so the gospel can be preached to the ends of the Earth.  Along with our partnering churches, we are responding to the Great Commission at a new level.  In the past, we have supported international missions and international missionaries.  Now, we are the missionaries.  Through short term trips, established partnerships in the region, and the potential to send our own long-term missionaries, we take up this call.  We do so with the belief that God has not called only a select few to His eternal purposes.  We think He has called whole churches to be involved firsthand in the spreading of the gospel and in making the name of Jesus well known.

With that in mind, I invite you to dedicate 35 days to pray for the Nyaw people of Thailand.  We have provided a prayer guide for you: (just click on the “Embrace Thailand” icon on the front page of our website).

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