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Why I Adore Atheists When They Hate Me?

January 21, 2013

I adore atheists.  I cannot help myself.  The more they reject God, the more my heart attaches to them.  The more names they call me, the more I love them.  Don’t try to stop me, because you can’t.  I’m head-over-heals crazy about atheists.

If I love them, then why don’t they love me?  Why do atheists seem to have so much hate for Christians and people of other faiths?

This disdain for Christianity is not new.  In fact, I have yet to meet, read, or hear a self-proclaimed atheist who didn’t express some degree of hate for Christians or people of other religions.  I have never heard an atheist say, “I disagree with Christians, but I still respect them, desire to listen and learn from them, and I appreciate some of the good they do in the world and will make sure they know I care about them – maybe even love them.”  If such a statement exists, I have never seen it; even if it does, it would be the rare exception.

Also, never have I heard anyone brave enough to call atheism to the carpet for the hate it is spreading in our world.

What do I say when atheists claim that Christians are closed minded, hard-hearted, rage filled moralist with a sense of egotistical superiority?  I usually agree.  Some Christians are.  Admittedly, Christians have largely failed to be loving to those who disagree with them.  This has been a huge mistake on our part and an affront to the gospel.  I resonate with atheists who abhor expressions of our faith that are twisted and miss the heart of Jesus.  I don’t believe in that Christianity either.  I don’t accept it.

Why do I love atheists?  It’s because my supposedly exclusive, narrow-minded, archaic, and morally superior beliefs lead me to love them.  It’s because those who know the true gospel also know it operates on grace and leads its recipients to show the kind of love that is free and unearned.  The gospel leads us to love those who oppose me.

So atheists, you can try, but you can’t stop me.  I’m gonna love you.  If you are hurt, I’m gonna comfort you.  If you are in need, I’m gonna help you.  If you say hateful words to or about me, then I’m gonna bless you even more.  You might not want my love, but you don’t get to choose.  Jesus already chose that for me.

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  1. January 21, 2013 3:48 pm

    Nice! Very well done!

  2. criticofchristianity permalink
    January 21, 2013 4:17 pm

    Hello, I’m an atheist. I disagree with Christians, but I still respect them, desire to listen and learn from them, and I appreciate some of the good they do in the world and will make sure they know I care about and love them. Great post, very Jesus-like.

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