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The Biblical Truth Behind the Sony Hacking and the Dropping of the “The Interview”

December 18, 2014

“The darkness and the light are both alike to You.” (Psalm 139:12b)

Private eyes…are watching you…they see your every move.  Hall and Oates might not have liked rich girls very much but they did get one thing right way before their time.  Secrets don’t exist.  They aren’t real.  Secrets are imaginary.  Complete privacy is a myth.  Sorry, Mr. Roboto…you don’t really have a secret.

Sony found this out the hard way.  If you haven’t heard, the movie making mogul was hacked.  Materials they thought were private are now very public.  The CIA now believes that the hacking was done by representatives of North Korea in efforts to get Sony to drop the forthcoming movie The Interview.  The plot of this movie poses kings of comedic bawdiness Seth Rogen and James Franco as two buffoons who are set to interview Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, and are instructed to assassinate him.

The threat worked.  The movie is being at least delayed if not completely dropped.

There are no secrets.  Not really.  We didn’t need advances in technology for this to happen.  Secrets didn’t exist way before “big brother” did.  There have never been secrets.  Secrets are nothing more than another defense mechanism created by the human need for protection.  We think that we can bury the things we don’t want others to see, but it’s a lie.  Secrets will be exposed one way or another.  The Bible has been clear on this for some time.  In fact, there are two reasons that secrets will never remain incognito.

(1) God sees and knows everything about you (Psalm 139:1-6).  Even if you think you have bamboozled everyone else, you haven’t fooled God.

(2)  The hidden things inside of you will eventually come out of you (Matt. 15:19).  Even if the secret doesn’t get fully revealed to others, it can express itself in various ways.  For instance, it takes a great deal of emotional energy to keep a secret.  Mental gymnastics are necessary to deal with the fear of exposure and the management of guilt.  No wonder we are so depressed and fatigued.  Family secrets find their way to influence even those who don’t know the secret, like water finds cracks in a container.  Secrets contribute to broken marriages, ability for intimacy, stress level, fatigue, depression, and even physical illness.

Is there any good news?  Of course.  God is full of grace for the humble who acknowledge the truth about themselves.  If we could only see the love of God we would no longer exhaust ourselves trying to apply fig leaves to our nakedness.  We can find peace in confession, which can only occur when we are convinced that God’s response to our honest assessment is love.  The gospel is not an image based attempt to earn God’s love, it is a resting in the truth that He already loves us.  It beckons us out of our shadows and secrets, to find peace in the truth.


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