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Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Get the Real Issue

July 22, 2015

It’s clear by now the strategy of Planned Parenthood concerning their response to public outrage, due to the videos of top level executives in flippant conversations about selling the tissue of aborted babies, is to attack the accuser rather than justify their position.  It probably isn’t surprising that I oppose abortion considering I am an evangelical pastor.  Let me assure you, it isn’t political or social affiliation that drives me.  I couldn’t care less about being conservative.  I care about being Christian.  I recognize not everyone is a Christian; many will not agree with me because their worldview is different from mine.

I am writing this because I have yet to see a response from Planned Parenthood that even acknowledges what my (and many others) concern is about abortion.  I really don’t think they care because it is clear that Planned Parenthood has no desire to listen to or address the concerns of those who are pro-life.  They are doing damage control to galvanize those who are pro-choice.  My assumption is that my concern doesn’t matter.  I still want it to be clear what the true concern of my heart is so that those who disagree with me will not make a caricature out of my position.  If you are going to disagree with me, at least show me the respect to disagree with my true position on the matter and not some straw man.

The issue is not:

  1. The issue isn’t video editing.   It is true that video can be manipulated.  However, I cannot think of one contextual factor that could ever make me at peace with the idea of “crushing” a fetus (
  2. The issue isn’t the value of medical research on human tissue.  I have no problem with human tissue being used for medical advancement as long as the specimen came from someone who died rather than a voiceless child intentionally killed for this purpose.
  3. The issue isn’t political activism driven by an agenda.  First of all, aren’t we all supposed to be active in the political arena, and don’t we all have an agenda?  Rhetoric!  Does Planned Parenthood not fit this description?  Soiling the reputation of critics is a defense mechanism as old as the hills.  Maybe some are obsessed with the political side of this, but for most pro-life people, this is about people not politics.
  4. The issue isn’t tone of voice.  Planned Parenthood is outraged at the lack of compassion in the tone of voice of the recorded doctor.  I didn’t like the tone, either.  But that’s not the issue.  If she has a compassionate tone it would not suffice because abortion is an act without compassion.  Sweet words that mask brutal acts lack power.

The issue is:

  1.  Women’s rights.  My view of women’s rights includes the rights of females to be born and not be aborted.  It includes the opportunity to live in a society that will protect that most basic right.  Abortion takes this right away.
  2. The rights of children trump those of adults.  When someone is considering an abortion the freedom and rights of two individuals are opposed to each other.  The woman who is pregnant has all the power in the situation.  Abortion chooses the rights of the adult over the rights of the voiceless child.  The only way those who are pro-abortion can justify such a thing is by deciding the baby is not a person yet.  The reason they must do this is because, in every other situation, we as a society deem the rights of voiceless and powerless children to trump those of adults.
  3. Functional organs that are saved and sold remind us that they come from functional humans.  This is the heart of the matter, and it isn’t just conservative or pro-life folks who see this.  The humanity of abortion’s victims is seen clearly by all.  Ironically, Planned Parenthood has done more to humanize abortion through these videos than anyone else.  They personalized the issue.  They aren’t simply harvesting tissue, but livers, lungs, and hearts from actual people.  The value of fetal tissue and organs reminds us all of the value of the child they came from.

I know how this works.  If you are in favor of legalized and government-funded abortion then you hated this post and find it rubbish.  If you oppose it, then you loved it.  I don’t expect to change minds.  However, I would like to help bring clarity to the debate – at least clarity concerning what the real issue is for those of us who oppose abortion.

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  1. Lee Stephens permalink
    July 22, 2015 5:00 pm

    Great blog. I especially like the line that you are not concerned about acting (or being) a conservative but rather “being a Christian”. Frankly I have trouble seeing a Christian that is not conservative. I know this is not what your blog is about, but it is a good point. I agree with your position on abortion.

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