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The Most Dangerous Possible Outcome of the Presidential Election

February 2, 2016

Pilate:  Are you the King of the Jews?

Jesus:  My kingdom is not of the this world.  If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight, so that I should not be delivered to the Jews; but now My kingdom is not from here.

Pilate:  Are you a king then?

Jesus:  You say rightly that I am a king.

The current political landscape makes for great TV.  The debates.  The media.  The personalities.  Sometimes it seems a lot like a reality show in which we all have to call in to decide who to “save” and who to “cut” from the show.

With good reason, a lot of people are scared.  Clearly there are some frightening scenarios. Christians should be deeply involved and make our vote count.  We should think culturally from a biblical perspective and vote for leaders who represent our values.  We have a civic and spiritual duty to make a godly influence felt in this election.

With that said there is one outcome that is the most dangerous of them all.  I fear this outcome more than any other.  What is it?!?!  The worst thing of that could happen is if the church forgets who we are and what we are destined for.  So here are some reminders:

(1)  We are members of the kingdom of God, not a voting constituency.    When we are nothing more than a group of people with influential votes, the result is that we will be a demographic stat for the media and a group to cozy up to by the candidates instead of inheritors of the unstoppable reign of Jesus.  The gospel is our greatest weapon, not our vote.

(2) Our hope is in King Jesus and His kingdom, not the kingdom of this world.  Please don’t post a comment that says I am saying not to be politically involved.  I’m not saying that at all.  I think we must be involved.  However, many Christians are placing their entire hope in the political process rather than the kingdom that is coming through Christ.  The result is paralyzing fear.  Jesus is supreme over every power and principality and His coming kingdom is our true citizenship and destiny.

(3) The hope of our country is the gospel of Christ declared through His church.  While there are candidates that I think will lead in a better direction than others, I do not believe any candidate will transform our country to what it should be.  That’s the church’s job.  If the church forgets this and lacks a clear understanding of our mission, then that is the most devastating outcome that could occur.

(4)  No leader can stop God from being glorified.  The first 300 years of Christianity may be the greatest period of growth of the church in history and it all occurred under pagan emperors and anti-Christian governments.  In fact, when wicked leaders oppose God they often unwittingly contribute to His cause (Acts 4:27-28).  Is our goal safety and abundance or the spread of the kingdom of God?

(5)  Participate in and influence the kingdom of this world, but live in the confidence of the kingdom of Christ.   The joy and peace of every believer comes through certainty in the final reign of Jesus.  Then we will ask “Why do the nations rage and plot in vain?” (Psalm 2:1; Acts 4:25).  Believers are citizens of this kingdom before they are anything else.  We live in our future hope right now.  If the church loses this perspective then we simply cease to be the church and citizens of the coming kingdom.  Nothing could be more devastating than that.

Vote and vote well.  But as you do, don’t lose heart.  Remember who you are and who you ultimately will be.  That’s what Jesus did as He was questioned by Pilate.  He lived for the kingdom that is not of this world.  We should too!

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  1. Sandy Whitlock permalink
    February 2, 2016 2:10 pm

    Thanks for the reminder. Also thank you for having your sermons online so we can view them. I have missed last 3 Sundays due to surgery. They were a life line for me. By the way, they were awesome. I have missed everyone and am able to get out now and can’t wait for next Sunday. Love you and appreciate all of our pastors. Sandy Whitlock

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  2. Cathy Travis permalink
    February 13, 2016 4:50 pm

    Excellent write, Nathan!!

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