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3 Possible Spiritual Reasons We Love to Be Scared

October 31, 2016

It’s a strange custom.  People pay good money so that someone else can scare the living daylights out of them.  Whether it’s through a movie, TV show, haunted house, a roller coaster, or just jumping out to surprise someone; our culture has a tendency to enjoy being scared.  Being scared is an uncomfortable feeling.  So why would we seek these experiences?

Believe it or not our fright seeking ways might have some of their roots in our spirituality.  Here are 3 biblical perspectives about our nature that might contribute to this phenomenon.

(1) We were made for relationship with a supernatural God leaving us with a longing to connect with something beyond the natural world.  Ever wondered why we are so fascinated with zombies, vampires, ghosts, and wizards?  We were made for something more than the natural world and we know it.  We long to touch the mysterious.  We aren’t satisfied with natural explanations of the world because when God made us He put a longing in us for something more.  Namely Him.  This longing will only be satisfied in Him.

(2) We are either now living in or have lived in a bondage of fear that lives underneath the surface buried by pride.  Christ has come to remove the bondage of fear, and through the Spirit, give us a spirit of adoption (Rom. 8:15).  Sin has left us in fear but perfect love cast our all fear (1 John 4:18).  Even though in our natural state we carry deep seated fears, our culture will not allow it to be expressed due to pride.  So…maybe these fearful moments are our way of expressing it without feeling ashamed.

(3)  We were made for adventure and risk.  Risk is at the heart of faith.  Ask Abraham, Moses, David, Paul, and especially Jesus.  You can’t stay safe and go with Jesus.  Our risk taking tendencies can be redeemed through the calling of God when He gives us enough faith to answer His calling in spite of the fear it might cause.

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